Hong Kong, Day 15 – Soho, Largest escalator in the world, Peng Chau

Pedro and I explored some hidden spits in Soho and region, passing by lots of small antique shops and other interesting little stores.

I took the oportunity to ride the largest escalator in the owrld, located there in Soho.

After that we met with Jom near the Central station. He was on his way to the Philippines, and that was our chance to say bye. We hung out and had a coffee together.

Pedro and I had dinner on a thai restaurant at Peng Chau.

Abd closed the day with a basketball game in a court near his apartment.

Hong Kong, Day 14 – Chi Lin Nunnery, Chuck Un, Kowloon City

On this day I took the ferry and after landing at the Central station I walked towards Soho.

I started with a lunch at my favorite spot in Soho, tge 27 Kebab House.

Fron there, I took a couple of subways to reach the northwest side of Hong Kong. Then, I walked towards a Japanese garden and temple that are famous in the region.

The garden was beautiful, with lots of petrified trees and impeccable landscaping.

The temple was right next to it, also incredible.

From there, I walked all the way to Kowloon City, passing by the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple, which was closed l, but I managed to get some views from a footbridge.

Hong Kong, Day 13 – Cheung Chau

In this day, I explored a small island called Cheung Chau, famous for its harbour.

I started by taling a ferry to that island.

I explored the harbour area.

Then walked trails to a Tin Hau temple.

The temple was very nice.

I continued through trails in the island.

I foind a second temple.

Also I found some ancient carvings, estimated to have been done 3000 years ago by early inhabitants.

I explored the island until the sun was set.

Once the night approached, I took the ferry back to Peng Chau.

Hong Kong, Day 12 – Old Macau

On this second day we explored the old part of Macau. We started with exploring the downtown area.

And then moved to the smaller streets.

We also visited a fort that was built by the Portuguese on the 16th century.

We then explored the where the local population lives, far from the touristic spots.

We also visited a large temple in fhe region.

On our way to the ferry we passed by places selling all kinds of animals as food.

After that, we walked back to the ferries and returned to Hong Kong.