Once again working in Calistoga!

Tthishis has been a great day so far. I woke up early, exchanged my old tires for the new ones and then came down to town to work on my things within this nice coffee shop. =)


Thanks Gantt!!

So yesterday iarrived in the campground and my tent wasn’t there!

My light was in my bag so I had no light even to look around, and because I had that flat tire I arrived at night.

I ended up asking Gantt, which was camped next to where my tent used to be and he helped me search for it with his light. He even offered for me to stay in his house wheni get closer to Portland!!

It turns out we found the tent at a different spot… The rangers have moved it since I had placed it by mistake in the parking lot, not in the campsite… Haha!!

In the picture its me, Gantt and Gus, his son!

Thank you!!!

Flat tire, no spare tube…

Got a flat tire… Unfortunately my spare tube did not feed my bicycle. by mistake I purchased one with the wrong valve and can’t use it.

The only bicycle shop is closed and only reopens tomorrow, so I guess I’m going to walk my bicycle 6 miles back to the campground.

This will be a 2 hour walk… tomorrow I’m going to have to walk the bicycle back to town to buy a new tube: 6 more miles.

Wish me luck!

Got a big help!!

I was coming out of the supermarket when I met Hillary, who saw my flat tire. She called back home and asked her husband to help me out.

He readily accept it and we walk to her house. There he fixed my tire and put on new tube in it!
Thanks to them I’m going to get back to the campground on time for diner!

Rhank you Ray and Hilary!!!

Met a nice guy

Peter Wion was checking he’s mailbox when he saw me passing and call and asked where was I riding from.

We ended up chatting for about hour and he gave me several trips about this and several other roads in that I’m about the face in the next few days.

He also saw I was wearing a pair of broken sunglasses and gave me his security glasses which are really nice and have no scratches!

Thanks for the tips and the glasses Peter!