Picking up blue berries!

Today I went with Pat to a nearby farm to pick up blue berries. The farmer had too many and he let us get in for free, along with other people that wanted to get some.

 We spent good part of the morning in the field collecting the berries, they looked great! We had a good time, but something in the trees seem to have caused some sort of  allergy in me. Now I had a few spots that look like mosquito bites, but are not. I’m not sure what was it.

After we came home and had lunch. The day passed quickly as I worked on my things, and helped sort some of the vegetables out. I also went for a quick ride in the downtown section of Burlington to get a few things in the supermarket.

Tomorrow I don’t think I’ll ride anywhere, the forecast is for rain but who knows… so far I have seen none here!


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