Went picking up prunes today!

This was a great day!

I woke up earlier than usual, at about 8:15am and got ready to depart! Don, Pat and I went out to a private residence in Anacortes, about 14 miles from their house, to pick up prunes which were falling on the ground and going to waste. The Owner did not want any of them, so he contacted Don and we decided to go pick them up.

We collected about 150 pounds of prunes during the morning alone. A few boxes were distributed to people Don and Pat knew, and the remaining we brought home. Here Pat processed them by placing them in Jars. They also prepared them to be stocked by dehydrating the remaining prunes and placing them in vacuum bags.


All we picked up: prunes and a few apples! 

I had a lot of fun! After that I spent most of the day working on my things.


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