Garden is growing strong!

I guest the lack of direct sunlight is more affecting the plants as much as I thought it would. I added a few quits to support the plants which are all bending towards the window. Also the summer squash is now fully germinated and growing fast!

The is even one small mushroom there haha


Great day to work at a Starbucks

Today I don’t feel like staying home so I’m going to work from a Starbucks. I’m at the one close to Shepherd and West Gray.

Such a nice weather, I might end up going for a run at Hermann park later this afternoon!

Garden updates

The garden stills growing strong, except for the dill which died. I think the conditions here were not ideal… I’ll read more about it and try again.

Today I’ll build small wooden grids to support the beans. The lettuce, basil and green onions are finally germination as well.