Friday lunch

Record: prepped and cooked under 10 mins! 🙂

I’ve been using this Indian spice called turmeric and also smoked paprika, both very good with vegetables!


Running at Rice

Usually I go to Rice University to run, at least once a week. They have a nice trail with trees and a proper ground for jogging, and I really enjoy pushing myself to the limit. The trail is just 3 miles long, but it is enough for a great workout if you actually to run the entire course.

I didn’t actually go running today… this picture is from last Sunday.

Friends, kirtan, pizza… perfect combination!

Yesterday we had an amazing reunion in Ravi’s house for a few pizzas, kirtan and a lot of ecstatic dancing! It was incredible, the energy was very high and everyone had a blast!

Here are a few pictures:


This is such a great group of loving, growth-oriented people. I’m very fortunate to have crossed paths with every each one of them.

Ratha Yatra at Discovery Green

This weekend I participated at the Ratha Yatra festival at Discover y Green, it was really great!

This is also known as the Chariot Festival, since a deity of Lord Jagannath is transported in Chariots. Everyone wants to help pull the Chariots forward. However, every once in a while we need to stop the chariot. I was helping to do that.

Here is Ravi, Rachel and I:

Here are some more pictures of the festival:

It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet some of my great friends in Krishna Consciousness!

Work place

This is my desk at Assemble Systems. I find it very nice, specially if you consider I’m the newest guy on the team haha

I mainly use the two monitors in the center which are connected to a server underneath the desk. The Mac and the laptop are used for running Selenium and other automation in specific environments.
This is a fast-paced workplace and the team is excellent! I am very happy to be working here and I hope it keeps agile as the company scales.

Hard karate training

Yesterday’s karate training was insanely hardcore. I almost fainted several times, maybe because I have been out of training for the past three weeks.

We focused on improving or uraken, a punch performed with the back of the hand.

Based on how my hand look today I guess I can say I nailed this technique.