NY Museum of Natural History

Today my father and I explored the immense museum of natural history of New York!

We did it all: IMAX theater,  pterosaurys and spider exibitions, all the museum aisles, etc.

What a day! My phone marked a total of 16760 steps walked!

Ravi visiting us!

Yesterday our dear friend Ravi came to visit us from Houston. He spent the night in our apartment and we enjoyed a few walks and nice talked during his stay. Here are some of our pictures:
Ravi and I had dinner in the Bhakti Center, and in front of the building where the Hare Krishna movement started in the West back in 1966:

Later in the evening we went for a walk in Times Square:

We had a blast! Walked through Broadway and 7th avenue.

There was some protest going on on Times Square, not sure what it was but it was something against the police:

We had a great time. Hope to see him again soon, maybe still while in NY!