Camping in New Braunfels, TX and visiting Austin

Last weekend Arnika and I went camping in New Braunfels, TX. The idea was to go down the Guadalupe river in tubes, which used to be a major attraction in our region. Unfortunately the Guadalupe river is drying and for the last five years there hasn’t been much water there. The campground also wasn’t what we were expecting, with many people putting loud music and no privacy. But still, it was worth the experience.

After leaving the campground on Sunday morning we decided to stop by Austin to have lunch and visit the town. That was certainly the highlight of the weekend 🙂


The best pictures are in Arnika’s camera, I will post them shortly.


Camping tomorrow!

This Saturday and Sunday Arnika and I will go camping!

I’m looking forward to this weekend, it will be a lot of fun for sure. We are planning on driving to New Braunfels, TX, where they have nice campgrounds along the Guadalupe River. From there we will rent tubes and float down the river! haha

Expect updates in real time, I should be able to post pictures as we go.


Back in the USA!!

Yesterday I left Vancouver and pedaled back to the US. It was somewhat sad to leave Vancouver, I really liked that place… But I was happy to leave the hostel… too much noise there the entire night. Yesterday I’ll was able to sleep just fine.

No issues during the ride, I crossed the border at about 5pm.

I camped at an RV parking in Fernandale, WA and today I’ll go to Burlington where I should stay for the next 30 days! =)

I have cellphone signal now so you can expect real time updates from the road again!

Arrived in the Illahee State Park

This State Park sucks. I got here and they had just two hiker biker sites and they were taken. Any other park would just let me camp someplace else for the same price ($12) but here they wanted me to pay for a regular campsite. I chose one but won’t pay the difference ($10 more), this is ridiculous. Unless they come check the campsites in the middle of the night I’ll jut sleep and go tomorrow really early.

$12 is well paid when you consider I also have to buy tokens to take a shower, and then run before the hot water is over.

Time to rest

Tomorrow I’ll be riding to Washignton! I’m not 100%sure where I’ll camp yet but I’ll try to make at least 60 miles. I know things will be harder than here so I don’t really want to spend too much time there.

I’m in my tent now. There are several cyclists in the hiker/biker area. Will see how tomorrow goes! =)